Who is Lalisa Manoban?

Lalisa Manoban, also known as Lisa, is a Thai singer and dancer who is best known as a member of the K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK. The group, which debuted in 2016, is considered one of the most popular and successful K-Pop groups in the world.

Born on March 27, 1997, in Bangkok, Thailand, Lalisa Manoban discovered her passion for dance and music at a young age and trained in various dance styles including contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. She was scouted by YG Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment company, and went on to become a trainee for several years before joining BLACKPINK.

In BLACKPINK, Lalisa serves as the main dancer and lead rapper and has received praise for her powerful and energetic performances. She is also known for her exceptional fashion sense and beauty and has become a popular trendsetter among fans.

In addition to her success with BLACKPINK, Lalisa has also been involved in several solo projects, including music collaborations and advertisements. She has also made her acting debut in a South Korean variety show.

Off-stage, Lalisa is known for her kind and humble personality and has been actively involved in various charitable endeavors. She is widely admired and loved by fans not only for her talent but also for her positive and down-to-earth personality.

Overall, Lalisa Manoban is a multi-talented and rising star in the world of K-Pop and continues to captivate audiences with her powerful performances and charming personality.

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