What are the 3 conditions of Zakat? 

IZakat has conditions of obligation and conditions of validity. So it is obligatory, by agreement, on a free Muslim, adult, sane person. If he owns the quorum of ownership completely, and one year has passed for him. It is valid with the comparative intention to perform. There is agreement and disagreement that it is obligatory for women, just as it is for men. It is required and is distributed among needy ones equally. These calculations of the estimate of zakat on income are done by the Zakat calculator. 

The conditions for the obligation of zakat  

IslamMuslims agree that the obligation of zakat is not obligatory for a non-Muslim because it is a branch of Islam, and he is lost, so he does not demand it, and he is an infidel. As it is not a debt he owes, he pays it if he becomes Muslim. And because the demand for obligations in this world does not take place until after Islam. This is a destiny agreed upon, whether the infidel is a warlike or a dhimmi, because it is a right that he did not abide by, and because it is a purifying duty for the cleaner. The infidel has no purification as long as he is in his disbelief.

Therefore, Muslims have agreed that there is no zakat on an infidel in any of his money. If he becomes Muslim, God has favoured him, dropping what was previously mentioned .about all of that without a dispute.

Zakat is a social solidarity and financial tax that the state collects from the rich and the work citizens of the Muslim. That the state collects from the rich and spends on the weak citizens of the Muslim state. Islam has guaranteed to the people of the dhimma that they live under the protection of the Islamic state, their sanctities are protected, they have what the Muslims have, and they have what they owe, so why did Islam differentiate in zakat between Muslims and other non-Muslim minorities, who live under the shadow of the Islamic state, and it? 

The wisdom of Islam is clear in not imposing:this is by observing two things.

The first: is that zakat is a social obligation and an unrestricted right for the beggar and the deprived. It is taken from the rich of the nation to be given to its poor in fulfillment of the right of brotherhood, the right of .society, and the right of God.

The second: Zakat, is one of the worships of Islam and one of the five pillars of religion. That is why God’s will decreed that non-Muslims should not impose a tax that has a religious character. This shows how tolerant Islam is in dealing with non-Muslims and the extent to which Islamic law respects the beliefs of non-Muslims

As for the apostate, he does not have to pay zakat in his conversion to Islam. And that is if it bounces back after the completion of the year on the quorum, it does not fall, according to the Shafi’i and Hanbali sayings;. Because it is a right of money, and it does not fall due to apostasy, like a debt, so the imam takes it from his money.

  • Freedom 

Zakat is not obligatory on the enslaved person by agreement. Because he does not own, and the master is the owner of what is in the hands of his slave and the offices and the like, and if he owns; However, his possession is not .complete

  • Puberty and reason 

They are a condition at the tap. There is no zakat on a child, nor an insane person, on their wealth;. Because they are not addressed in the performance of worship, such as prayer and fasting. They cited the words of the Prophet:. The pen has been lifted from three from the sleeper until he wakes up. From the boy until he reaches puberty, and from the insane until he becomes sane. 

And because it is an act of worship. It is not performed except by choice to fulfill the meaning of affliction. There is no choice for the boy and the insane, for lack of reason;. By analogy with the fact that it is not obligatory for a dhimmi; Because he is not .one of the people of worship.

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