The Influence of Power Apps on a Company’s Return on Investment

Power Apps is a Microsoft tool through which it is possible to create mobile, web or desktop applications . Thanks to them we can save ourselves many repetitive and mechanical tasks.

They are oriented to the business field and more and more organizations are directing their strategy towards the development of customized applications . For this reason, Microsoft offers this powerful tool that can greatly help a company run more efficiently.

It is part of the Power Platform solution set , so we can also benefit from the other tools available. Power Automate allows the automation of processes and tasks, Power BI help the exploitation and analysis of data and Power Virtual Agents the creation of conversational agents.

These tools provide a series of benefits, among which we can highlight the following:

  • Mobile applications developed with this tool are more secure. These applications link to Active Directory and a number of other security solutions offered by Microsoft. Thanks to this, the department in charge of managing them can control the permissions regarding the data, for example, so their security increases significantly.
  • Wide availability. They can be used with an Office 365 subscription. This service has extensive development, so we can generate applications of different types to integrate them on various platforms. Thus, we will be able to transform a large number of manual processes into automated and digital ones.
  • Better data integration. In the event that the company uses the Microsoft common data service, Power Apps allows access to data from more than 200 different sources, such as OneDrive, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Employees will be able to share data regardless of their location.
  • Constantly add value to the company. This tool is designed for agile deployment so that, each application can run in minutes and deliver value quickly.
  • Simplifies application development. Application development can be streamlined for experienced company developers and non-technical team members. The customization options offered by this tool are limitless.
  • artificial intelligence capabilities. There are many organizations that want to incorporate them and exploit their potential. If desired, it allows developers to add intelligence to applications using its AI Builder feature.

How does Power Platform help improve ROI in companies?

Using Power Apps and Power Automate together help improve ROI (return on investment). While the former allows its users to build business-focused applications that achieve task optimization, the latter triggers workflow events and ends them with actions in response to the event.

Next, we will see a series of key data that explain how these tools contribute to improving the ROI of companies.

  • They increase the efficiency and automation of processes. It allows digitizing and automating processes, so they will eliminate a lot of paperwork. In this way, the organization will benefit and efficiency will increase.
  • Higher productivity. By being able to generate applications that truly meet the needs of the company, the productivity achieved is greater. Employees optimize their time by not having to perform manual tasks and dedicate it to tasks of greater relevance to the company.
  • Employees make better decisions, faster. They are tools that allow you to quickly collect information from workers who are on the front line. It is then transferred to decision makers in a more efficient format. Being the largest data set and much closer to real time, it is possible to make better decisions.

If we add that the costs of developing applications decrease, that the efficiency of the processes increases, the increase in productivity and the improvement in decision-making, we obtain a higher ROI.

Advantages of Power Apps

On many occasions it is difficult for a company to find solutions that are specifically adapted to its needs. By integrating the Power Apps tool in the organization, this problem will be completely solved, since we will have the possibility of creating custom applications for the company itself.

The average cost of developing an application is 70% lower. Both the development effort and the purchase costs and professional services of the applications are lower with the use of these tools. In addition, later, the effort to manage these applications is also less.


At Dynamics Square , Power Apps partners play a crucial role in the successful implementation and adoption of Power Apps within organizations. Power Apps partners are certified professionals who have expertise in the platform and can help businesses in various ways, such as identifying business requirements, building custom apps, providing training and support, and integrating Power Apps with other systems and technologies.

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