Nieku Manshadi: The Entrepreneur Making an Impact in the Fashion Industry

In recent years, the fashion industry has been experiencing a significant shift towards sustainability and ethical practices. This has created an opportunity for entrepreneurs to bring new ideas and approaches to the industry. One such entrepreneur is Nieku Manshadi, a fashion designer who is making a name for herself by creating sustainable and ethical fashion.

Early Life and Career:

nieku manshadi was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Her interest in fashion began at an early age, and she pursued a degree in fashion design from Ryerson University. After completing her studies, she worked as a designer for various fashion companies in Canada, including Joe Fresh and Pink Tartan.

Launching Her Own Brand:

In 2019, Nieku Manshadi launched her own brand, which focuses on sustainable and ethical fashion. Her brand is committed to using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and providing fair wages and working conditions to its workers. Nieku’s designs are also inspired by her Persian heritage, combining traditional elements with modern styles.

Awards and Recognition:

Nieku Manshadi’s brand has already received numerous awards and recognitions. In 2020, she was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in the Art & Style category. Her brand has also been featured in publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, which have praised her for her innovative approach to sustainable fashion.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement:

In addition to her work in fashion, Nieku Manshadi is also committed to philanthropy and community involvement. She has worked with various organizations to promote sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry. She also donates a portion of her profits to organizations that support women’s empowerment and environmental causes.


Nieku Manshadi is a young entrepreneur who is making a big impact in the fashion industry. Her commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, as well as her innovative designs, have earned her numerous accolades and a loyal following. As the fashion industry continues to evolve, it is entrepreneurs like Nieku who will play a vital role in shaping its future.

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