Install Diamond Windows to Increase Airflow in Your House.

In the past, British residents windows rarely had to worry about the rising temperatures inside their homes due to climate change, but that is no longer the case. In the past, it was unusual for the UK to see temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius; in fact, the average temperature in July 1972 was a chilly 15.2 degrees. The average temperature has risen by 3.2 degrees Celsius over the past half-century, and in July of 2022, it reached a record high of 40 degrees Celsius.

We may see a July mean average temperature above 21.7°C in another 50 years as the world continues to warm at an unprecedented rate. Because of this, temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius or higher will become more regular, and the current infrastructure in Britain can’t withstand such high temperatures.

Since the United Kingdom has consistently cooler temperatures, the average home is built to keep in more heat. Nevertheless, if the environment continues to shift, we may need to radically alter the manner that British houses are constructed in the future. Diamond Windows has devised a product that may help till then, although rebuilding your home from scratch may seem extravagant.

Air Circulation and Its Significance

The term “ventilation” refers to the process of bringing in fresh air from outside. Ventilation issues are common in British homes because of their emphasis on insulation. Because of this, throughout the summer, many British homes can feel like ovens. Because of this, improving your home’s ventilation system can effectively prevent your property from sealing in hot air while also allowing in fresh air from outside.

How can Diamond Windows improve air circulation in my house?

Diamond Windows has developed a unique product called trickle vents to improve the ventilation in your home. These items are made to eliminate stale air from your home and clear the way for new air to enter through the glass in your windows and diamond doors.

So, what exactly are these “trickle vents,” anyway?

Little holes called trickle vents allow air to flow in and out even when a larger entrance is sealed. This means that even when you’re not there, and your doors and windows are closed and secured, you can be at ease knowing that your home is actively rejecting stale air and bringing in clean, healthy air. Therefore, you won’t come home to the smell of a sizzling stove.

Exactly why are Trickle Vents Installed?

Even while it’s very necessary in the winter, the fact that British homes are built to retain heat means that summers may be oppressive. This is particularly true for individuals who return from work to a house that seems like an oven because they were gone for eight hours. Because trickle vents provide air circulation without opening windows, homeowners may keep their homes cooler without compromising their security while they are away.

Does It Make Sense to Use Trickle Vents?

If you still need convincing, we’ll explain why trickle vents are brilliant. They’re the most risk-free option for providing climate control when you’re not there. This means you won’t have to come home after a hard day at the office to a living room that’s hotter than a sauna.

Can We Get By Without Them?

As of the end of June 2022, if no other background installation has been made at the property, all new doors and windows must include trickling vents. As a result, trickle vents have been mandatory in the United Kingdom.

Extra Advice on Ventilation

We expect that our trickle vents will work best in conjunction with other ventilation strategies. Some of these are: opening all windows and internal doors to let in fresh air; using an air filter to capture stale air; turning on the extractor fan in the kitchen and bathroom to remove steam; and using fans.

  • Not cramming everyone into one space and instead congregating outside in bigger numbers

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