Easy Ways To Make Handmade Thanksgiving Cards

We have all been there when we want to make the thanksgiving gifts more special and thoughtful by adding a thanksgiving card – but we are not sure what to write, how to cut it, or how to make it look, if not good, then at least normal.

Well, this is the article if you have ever struggled with handmade thanksgiving cards. There’s nothing to worry, about because we are going to cover everything from selecting the right print, the card type, what to write, and where to put it.

How to Make Thanksgiving Cards

That’s the real question, the first one we have to cover – how to make thanksgiving cards in the first place. Well, the simple answer is, just get a chart paper, cut it 4 by 4, and then write something nice. Add double-sided tape and paste it on the gift.

That’s like a complimentary card for the gift – but usually, you would want a big letter-size two-fold card. Which follows the same procedure, just cut the letter size, then write something nice, and paste it.

How to Make it Unique 

I mean, we all knew how to make a card – what you are looking for is for your handmade thanksgiving cards to look more unique and customized. For that, we have a few methods.

The simple method to make handmade thanksgiving cards is to simply print them. Yes, go online, search “Printable handmade thanksgiving cards” and download what you like. Then get it printed on color print paper. Maybe sign it, and boom, you are good to go. Yet here are a few specific DIY Thanksgiving card ideas.

DIY Thanksgiving Cards Ideas

The thanksgiving card craft is hard if you are planning to do everything DIY this year – yet, we have some great ideas to help you along the way.

Handmade Thanksgiving Cards

The Printable Designs 

The first idea for thanksgiving card craft of handmade thanksgiving cards would be printable. This is the modern era, so you don’t have to do everything yourself. There are a million websites out there with free printable designs for thanksgiving cards and thanksgiving card templates – you can customize the cards and make them a little more unique. Get them printed, sign them, and paste them. That’s it.

Custom Prints 

Well, if you don’t want to go with a pre-set thanksgiving card template then I would say, use Canva. Canva is free to use, it’s a great graphics software that literally anyone with no experience can use. Go there, search thanksgiving cards – and you will see a ton of good designs.

Then you can open any one of them – and design it however you want. You can even create a custom design from scratch by adding themes, fonts, and whatever you want to write. It’s up to you, you can either get the written part printed – or leave an empty space and write it yourself.

DIY Craft Designs 

Want to go old-school with Thanksgiving cards? Well, you will have to visit the crafting store for this one. Get a few accessories like chart paper, glue, some shiny paper, sticks, different beads and pearls, and other things you would want your handmade thanksgiving cards to have. It’s a very simple idea, but very thoughtful and cheering.

You can cut the card to be heart-shaped, or even shaped with letters. It’s more effort – but definitely worth it. However, if you don’t have time to make it yourself, you can also buy cards in online stores with lots of great deals to save money during the Thanksgiving sale.

Simple with Stickers 

Another great simple way to create thanksgiving cards1 would be to cut a card, then paste some stickers. This comes in the craft thing – but it’s definitely a separate idea because of how less effort it requires.

Plain with Calligraphy 

Another great way to make handmade thanksgiving cards would be to simply get a plain card – or get a card printed with nice borders and designs – then do some calligraphy on it. You will have to know your way around the pen to do this, but if you have a few weeks on your hands, why not just learn a new skill?

What to Write on the Card

The last thing we must cover in our how to make thanksgiving cards guide this, “what to write on the card”. Obviously, it’s a daunting task to brainstorm something very nice and engaging in a written statement, so just google ideas.

But If you don’t want to do that, then imagine the person standing in front of you. Now, you have to thank them – how would you do that? What will you say and what will you thank them for? Just write those things down in as less words as possible.


At the end of the day, make sure to not forget the thanksgiving spirit of gratitude and to share. Hope these easy ways to make handmade thanksgiving cards helped you. Stay tuned for more epic blogs!

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