Clothing Ideas That Can Change The Way You Feel

Are you a fashionista girl who has become tired of wearing the same old clothes? If yes, then no need to worry anymore as I am here to help you regarding this matter. Well, I want you to know that once you read this style guide, things will be easier for you. In simple words, this style guide of clothing ideas will help you dress up in a variety of ways. Already feeling excited to know them? Alright then without keeping you waiting anymore, let us start the styling game!


Dress Up Ideas

Let us start discussing styling with the casual look.


Casual Look

# 1

If you want to create a casual but attractive look, you can go for this styling idea. So what you need to do is grab a pink or yellow slip dress, and pair it up with black footed leggings. For footwear, choose T-strap shoes to finish the look in the simplest way!


Styling Tips: You can carry a yellow handheld bag with this outfit and dangling earrings to slay a lovely look!


# 2

Here I am with a casual look on number two. In this styling idea, you will need to get a baby doll dress and pair it with green knee-length leggings. After that, I want you to get your hands on stiletto heels. And in the end, put on some short red upper to wrap up the outfit.


# 3

In this styling method you can go for a spaghetti strap neck-line top. Then, mix it with a short green or blue leather jacket. In this step, I suggest going for a mermaid skirt and kitten heels. And that’s it! You have achieved a lovely look in a few minutes!


Semi-Formal Look


Let us discuss how to get ready for a semi-formal event. So the first thing you gotta do is to grab a sheath dress and put it on. After that, I recommend going for high-heel pumps. To double-up the charm, put on a red bowler hat over the outfit. If I talk about my choice, I find this styling method simply the loveliest!


# 2

Let’s talk about how you can dress up for a semi-formal event with another styling strategy. So let’s start the discussion. To amuse everyone, get your hands on a golden or beige bodycon dress first.


After that, tie a tight (formal style) hair bun to create a sensational look! In the next step, go for a pair of platform shoes. And for jewellery, pick up a wide neckpiece along with red-gem dangling earrings to create a super-alluring look!


University Look

# 1

University is a place that not only provides education to its students, but also improves the way they dress. Also, university is a platform, where every student wants to achieve a unique and stylish look. One more perk of this educational institute is that it boosts its students’ confidence! And since confidence depends on our dressing styles, let us teach you multiple ways to dress up for University!


Whenever you are in the mood to dress up in some casual yet cool way, use this styling idea. First of all, get a gypsy shirt and save it for later. In the second step, I want you to go for grey baggy jeans. In the last step, pick up a pair of sneakers of your favorite color. And it’s time to incorporate all these items and put them on. This is one of the coolest and quickest styling ideas to give you a casual yet cool look!



If you are in the mood to create a girly girl look, follow this styling technique. In the first step, grab a peplum shirt and put it on. Now pair the peplum shirt with wide-legged blue jeans. If you get free from following this step, it means that you have got the job half done! For footwear, go for converse shoes to end the styling. And if you have medium-length hair, tie them halfway to create a delightful look!



On number three, I have another styling idea. To attain a stylish look, continue being a part of this discussion. So the first step you gotta take is to pick up a Bateau-boat neck top. Straight blue pants is the perfect combination to wear with this top, so try it! Once you complete these steps, get your hands on some casual shoes. Then, grab some half-body upper. To finish styling, gather all these items and put them on to look super-stylish among your peers!



I have brought you the fourth outfit idea if you wish to build an impressive yet dominating look. To build a dominating look, you will need to get a few things first. The first thing is a white t-shirt to start the styling idea. I believe that you already must have this shirt in your cupboard as every man does. So you don’t need to spend money on buying one.


For bottoms, let us recommend you go for straight blue jeans. Can’t decide which footwear will go well with this outfit? If yes, then don’t worry. Why? Because I have come here to help you decide it. For footwear, I recommended going for black combat boots. To turn your look into a more authoritative one, put on a black leather jacket. This look has the ability to blow everyone’s mind! So follow this outfit idea, and enjoy a strong and authoritative look!


Formal Dance Party Look

If you have been invited to attend a formal dance party, then you will need to dress up in an astonishing way. So follow this styling method if you want to nail the most beautiful look out there! So without wasting a single minute, let’s start the styling game in the most astounding way!


To start things, let us recommend you choose a bodycon dress if you want to spice things up! In the second step, consider going for T-strap high heels. These heels look phenomenal at such parties, so go for them! Apply red lipstick and black nail paint to make things more sensational!


Road Trip/Travelling Look

Traveling is one of the best ways to refresh one’s mind. It is a way to make a person get relief from everyday’s workload stress. So if you are planning to go on a road trip soon, it means that you will have to choose an outfit as travelling gear. To start styling, let us choose the right type of shirt to achieve a pretty look.


Get your hands on a turtle-neck shirt. This type of shirt is specially designed to protect its wearers from wild and cold winds during travelling. For bottoms, go for either cargo pants or simply straight jeans. Willing to know the footwear? If yes, then let us tell you that combat shoes look best with this outfit! After that, put on a trench coat over the outfit to make yourself fight with cold winds. This dressing style gives a person a satisfied feeling, so just go for it!


Party Look


Suppose you and your female friends have decided to throw a party just like they frequently do. And you have taken out some dresses from your cupboard. But are confused about which one to finalize. If this is the case, then dont stress as I am here to guide you completely. Already feeling excited to know it? Alright then, without keeping you waiting, let’s dive into the discussion!


To get dressed in a captivating way, first you need to incorporate some stuff. Well, the semi-sweetheart neck-line top looks marvelous if paired up with an asymmetrical skirt. After that, choose Mary Jane to create a sassy look! Once you assemble all of these things, it’s time to wear them. This is one of the most attractive looks one can follow at such girly girl parties.



It’s time to discuss the second party look. If you are to go to a party, to which, both the boys and girls are invited, then you will HAVE to look super-sassy! But only on one condition, if you are single. So if this is your relationship status, act upon this styling idea to attract guys toward you. And who knows when you will find the man of your dreams there! 


Therefore, what you need to do is to gather some clothing items. Start styling by grabbing a scoop-neckline top. Then, blend this top with a black leather mini-skirt. If you find the length of this skirt too short, consider going for a short skirt. For footwear, go for platform shoes because no other shoes can replace these ones! So, if you wish to look like the most alluring girl at such a party, use this outfit idea.


The Ending Words

Dressing puts an impact on people as well as all of us, due to the way we do it. In simple words, if we dress up in a good way, it makes us confident. And if we dress up in the opposite way, it gives us some kind of complex. So take advantage of this style guide and achieve different looks within a few minutes!


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