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ChatGPT Acceleration of Mobile Technology Development

President & Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics TM Roh emphasized that he remains open to technological developments that are currently rolling in the world. According to him, technology development is an important thing that companies need to pay attention to.

One of the things that is currently becoming a concern is the ChatGPT platform that is carried by OpenAI. TM Roh does not deny that there is a lot of attention on ChatGPT.

ChatGPT platform that is carried by OpenAI

Even so, he has not disclosed in detail whether Samsung will be involved in implementing ChatGPT. One thing is certain, Samsung is open to the development of similar AI-based technologies which have been widely applied to Samsung devices.

“I received many questions about how Samsung Mobile can increase the market with this (ChatGPT). We always open up various possibilities,” said TM, when met in Malaysia some time ago.

Personally, TM Roh praised the sophistication presented in ChatGPT. In the context of technology development, AI chatbots are considered to be able to make a major contribution to future technological developments.

“ChatGPT has indeed received great attention in the (technology) market,” he said.

“I believe that ChatGPT will contribute to the development of mobile technology and it will strengthen us to develop technology as well. I also believe that technology trends will continue and grow in the future,” said TM Roh, continuing.

AI Technology Implementation

Regarding AI-based technology, TM Roh emphasized that Samsung is currently on track. For example, implementing AI on the Galaxy S Series and Galaxy Z Series devices, which are high-end mobile phones that it offers.

Again, TM Roh said that the important point to be chosen going forward is to develop new technology, in line with the specified direction.

“Not only about ChatGPT, we are building discussions with Google, Meta, and Amazon so that they are always open to new technologies,” he explained.

AI Makes Samsung Better

Furthermore, armed with a research and development center owned by Samsung, TM Roh emphasized that the development of AI technology is an important concern.

Primarily to present a better user experience for Samsung devices. Including establishing partnerships with strategic parties owned by this giant technology company.

“We will collaborate with our strategic partners to research further, to find better AI-based technologies (for users),” he said, asserting.

Samsung Prepares Metaverse Devices

Samsung, a South Korean electronics company that is building metaverse and extended reality devices, hinted at the possibility of launching a VR headset in the near future.

Head of Samsung Mobile Experience Business, TM Roh stated, the device will be built in partnership with Google and Qualcomm.

Samsung revealed that it will soon join the metaverse and VR (virtual reality) headset market. The company announced it is working on what it calls extended reality device hardware, hinting at production of a VR headset.

TM Roh confirmed such a device was in the works, but did not offer a launch window for the hardware. However, it does report the involvement of Qualcomm, an excellent chip maker, and Google, as partners.

“Many different companies have made announcements about different realities, so we have also made similar preparations, not inferior to others,” said Roh.

Roh said, Samsung has postponed its participation in the market. According to him, the market was still not ready and other similar devices launched by competitors did not have the expected success.

Samsung joins a growing body of manufacturers already launching metaverse devices, such as Meta and HTC, and others planning to do so in the near future, such as Apple.

Roh stated, Samsung’s new devices will be powered by Qualcomm chips specially designed to work better in virtual reality applications, and will use an OS powered by Google.


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