Abuse in the Home

Non-molestation and occupation orders are two types of legal protections available to women who have been victims of domestic violence and who seek assistance from the judicial system. At Affordable Justice, our all-female team of domestic violence attorneys has the specialised knowledge and experience to represent you in court, allowing you to obtain the protection you need to leave an abusive partner. There’s a chance we can assist you if you’re a resident of England or Wales and are seeking advice on domestic violence and the law.

How Do We Define Domestic Violence?

Abuse in the home can take many forms, including physical, sexual, financial, and emotional mistreatment. Someone close to you, such as a spouse, partner, parent, or other family member, may be the abuser. Domestic violence also affects children who are present at the time.

Punitive Force

Domestic violence occurs when one person in a relationship uses physical force to control another person. The term “physical abuse” can refer to more than just hitting someone; it can also involve being shoved, pushed, or spit at.

Negative Emotional Manipulation

You are a victim of emotional domestic abuse if your partner or roommate threatens you, controls what you wear and do, humiliates you, or makes you feel worthless or horrible on purpose (by, for example, ignoring you).

Sex Misuse

Victims of domestic and sexual abuse have experienced some form of sexual harassment or abuse at the hands of an intimate partner or someone with whom they share a romantic or sexual relationship. Included in this category are sexual encounters to which you did not give your informed consent.

Abuse of Money or Finances

Financial domestic abuse occurs when one person in a relationship or household exercises undue control over another person to the extent that the dependent person’s access to money is limited or denied.

Getting Out of an Abusive Relationship

Victims of domestic violence are typically subjected to intense control by their abusers, making it impossible for them to flee the situation. This may be due to the victim being threatened if they attempt to leave or simply not having the financial resources to do so. The judicial system can assist in such matters. Domestic violence is never acceptable, but if it does happen, victims have several legal avenues open to them.

We help women who have been victims of domestic violence by connecting them with colleagues at the women’s centre. widely recognised as experts in the field of family law.

Legal Protection from Abuse Orders

To ensure the security of you and your family, we have taken the following measures. will take into account your specific situation and offer sound, objective guidance based on what they learn from listening to you. An application for an immediate domestic violence protection order may be necessary. We’ve been assisting women in obtaining employment and no-contact orders for years. You may be eligible for both, and we can help you apply for them.

Declarations of Occupancy

Getting out of an abusive relationship is challenging at best, and impossible if you share a home with the abuser. If the abuser is a danger to the household, an occupancy order might prevent them from entering or remaining in the shared residence. They’re in place to protect you and any kids in the house, but they’re rather strict about what you need to have. If you are in an abusive relationship and are thinking about filing for an occupation order, we can help.

Court Orders Prohibiting Sexual Assault

A non-molestation order can be imposed to prevent the abuser from contacting you and engaging in further abusive behaviour if you have been the victim of threats, harassment, nagging, or intimidation. An occupancy order and a no-contact order are frequently issued in tandem. You may rely on us to assist you in obtaining a restraining order.

Counsel for Victims of Domestic Violence at an Affordable Price

Legal aid may be available for some victims of domestic or marital violence. Although we are not a legal aid organisation, we do assist low-income women in family law matters when commercial firms are out of their price range. To ensure that victims of abuse can affordably retain competent legal counsel, we offer our services at a rate that is less than a third of that of traditional law firms.

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